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Gifting rota for St Margaret’s

April Welcome Coffee Prayer Reading
14th Tom Sally & Glen Angela Sally
21st Charlie Rhodes Cat & Dan Charlie Rhodes Peter Rhodes
28th John Dudley Tom & Wendy Nicola Jane Yates
May Welcome Coffee Prayer Reading
5th Glen John and Brenda Graham HS Sally
12th Tom Cat and Dan John Dudley Wendy
19th Wendy Pat and Derek Nicky Lee J-H
26th Annette Sally and Glen Angela Jane Yates
June Welcome Coffee Prayer Reading
2nd John Dudley Lee and Laraine Jill Crouch Sally
9th Glen Tom and Wendy John Dudley Gill Flynn
16th Graham John and Brenda Judy Grimes Dan
23rd Peter Rhodes Cat and Dan Peter Rhodes Angela
July Welcome Coffee Prayer Reading
7th Wendy Pat and Derek Graham HS Gill Flynn
14th Charlie Rhodes Sally and Glen Peter Rhodes Lee J-H
21st Annette Tom and Wendy Jill Crouch Dan
28th John Dudley Lee and Laraine Graham HS Jane Yates