Sunday services

People leading worship with microphones and guitarsEvery Sunday, there are a variety of services happening around our Team. Mostly those services take place in our beautiful parish churches on Sunday mornings but there are one or two services that take place elsewhere or at different times.

While the services are all Church of England and Anglican in structure, shape and tradition, each one has a slightly different feel because of the design and shape and capacity of the building, the style of music, and the community it represents. Some are more formal and traditional, some are more informal and contemporary in style.

Our parishes

The following links take you to the different areas of our website dedicated to each of our seven parish churches. Each church has put together its own pages that talk about their community, their church building, their style of worship, provision for children and young people and other important details that you might want to know before joining us for worship

Come and join us!

This short video from the Church of England talks about why it’s important to gather regularly with other Christians and be part of a church community.