Worship at St Mary's

The 10 o’clock service

10.00 am on Sunday

There is a service every Sunday at St Mary’s which takes place at 10.00 a.m. It is the main Sunday service and usually has the largest congregation every week. It has something of a pattern through the average month with particular flavours on different Sundays.

On the second Sunday of each month, worship is an All-Age Service in which children are involved throughout, the feel is a little more informal and Communion is not celebrated which makes the service both shorter and a little more accessible for children. The music is led by our worship group and the songs we sing are more contemporary and include songs that the children would know from school.

On the other Sundays of each month, we mostly use Common Worship liturgy for Holy Communion. Occasionally we follow the service of Morning Prayer. The language is contemporary and easy to understand but the service is more formal and the music is centred on the organ and our choir. We sing a number of hymns and songs with our organist, choir, choral scholars and junior choir leading the way. On these Sundays, Sunday School is usually provided for the children. At present, they meet in the Vicarage just across the way from church. Overall, the service lasts about an hour.

As with all our services, there’s plenty of guidance and instruction for the beginner because we want everyone to feel at home. If you want to find out about any of services, feel free to come along, or if you want more information, then please contact us.