West Malling Scholars 2022-2023

The Choral and Organ Scholarship programme

St Mary’s has been running a programme for for Organ and Choral Scholars since 2021. Four young singers and a young organist are paid competitive remuneration to use their talents in our services of worship each month and each scholarship is awarded alongside a generous individual tuition fund which provides each scholar with an outstanding scheme of twelve vocal lessons delivered across the year by Dr James Meaders of Vox Anima London.

Testimonials from current or former scholars

“Singing as a choral scholar at St Mary’s Church in West Malling has been absolutely terrific. I genuinely feel encouraged to develop and excel in my singing and the choral direction has perfectly acclimatised to the ability levels of choir members and constructively challenged us to develop our musicality and performance.”

“I strongly believe that the Scholarship Programme at St Mary’s can benefit other young people in the future as it’s an encouraging learning environment that cherishes everyone’s talents, rewards and pushes your musical skills. They encourage you to be confident in your musical abilities and this subsequently brings out confidence within you and the choir. The Scholarship Programme has brought a new light on to the St Mary’s choir, gaining new members and a newfound tenacity. Us scholars have been made comfortable by the community and it has assisted us in helping to put St Mary’s church and choir on the map. I think that the Scholarship Programme is helping to encourage others in West Malling to come along to church and see what it’s about.”

Information for 2024-2025 applicants

We are currently preparing information for the 2024-25 academic year. More information will follow in due course.