Family Tree help for St Mary’s

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If you are investigating your Family Tree, church and parish records are often a rich seam of information.

We regret that we are unable to respond to particular requests for searches through our archives simply because, as a parish, we don’t have any administrative staff on hand to be able to search the archives for you.

However, the parish records for St Mary’s between 1700 and 1899 have been digitised and we are making them available as free spreadsheets via Google Drive. You are welcome to look through these files to find references that you can then pursue.

More recent records are not available online in case they contain information about people still living.

To interrogate these spreadsheets, the best place is to look in the alphabetical listings first to check a name and find a date. From there, the chronological listing gives you all the information held in the register.

All the registers these files refer to are not held by the church. The actual registers are held in the Diocesan Archives, part of the Kent History and Library Centre in Maidstone. If you want to see the registers, please contact the Centre in Maidstone to arrange an appointment.

St Mary’s parish registers