Welcome to St Martin’s, Ryarsh!

We are a church of all ages, with a broadly evangelical tradition. All are welcome to attend. We share several mid-week and monthly activities across the new Benefice of Kent Downs and Malling Team.


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    About our services

    Find out more about our style of worship, the regular pattern of services and key things to know here.

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    Who’s who at St Martin’s

    Alongside our Clergy Team, our Churchwardens and PCC members all play a role in leading our church. Find out more about them here.

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    Children and Youth at St Martin’s

    There's a variety of activities for children and young people in our church and as part of our Team.

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    Safeguarding at St Martin’s

    Its really important to us that everyone feels safe at St Martin's. Find out more about how we seek to follow best practice in church safeguarding here.

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    About Ryarsh

    We can trace our history in Ryarsh back to the Saxons, but it's still a place with lots of charm and helpful amenities. Find out more here.

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    About St Martin’s church building

    Find out more about the rich history and architecture of our church building which dates back to Norman times.

  • Ryarsh Church Hall

    About Ryarsh church hall

    Find out more about Ryarsh Church Hall and how to hire it here.

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    Our charities

    We support a number of Christian charities and mission agencies. Find out about our links here.

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    How to find us at St Martin’s

    If you're not sure how to find us, this page provides our address, a map, as well as car parking and bus timetable details.